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Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Policy

At Wildlife Adventure Tours we care deeply about nature and society.  We understand that our very survival depends on the natural habitat which we are so lucky to live in, and on the wellbeing of the society which we form part of.  For these reasons we take our CSR very seriously.  

These are our four core CSR principles:

  1. We want to put a stop to elephant riding

  2. We want to make this world a better place

  3. We want our community to thrive

  4. We want to stop waste

We want to put a stop to elephant riding:
Say 'NO' to elephant ride

Wildlife Adventure Tours | No to elephant cruelty

Elephant riding is fun for the person, but cruel towards these gentle giants. Therefore, we have decided to put purpose before profit and not to offer any activity which is related to captive elephants.  We choose to visit animals in their natural habitat as opposed to offering tours which contribute to animal cruelty in captivity, such as elephant rides.  It is our way of saying that caring for wildlife is more important than making a hefty profit. So, we strictly refuse to recommend or provide elephant rides and related activities.


We want to make this world a better place:
Our involvement in Conservation & social initiatives

Social Work

Our Environmental  Policy is Nature First

Chitwan tourism depends on the continued prosperity of our delicate nature.  In all the activities and experiences, we offer, our goal is to minimise the environmental impact and leave no trace when we travel.  We support local and international NGOs and take an active part in discussing the development of wilderness and open spaces.  We feel that it is our responsibility to take nature's side against the heavy industry or new roads spoiling natural habitats.  We specifically concentrate on the protection of the Chitwan highlands against further grand-scale operations such as; dams, power lines and all-year roads.  Furthermore, we demand action for the preservation and protection of those sites which are already being spoiled by exploitation and construction.

Wildlife Adventure Tours | Community Work
Wildlife Adventure Tours | Community Work

Lets join the hand to hand together to support and help to local communities in Nepal

We want our community to thrive:
Our involvement in supporting local communities

Through our tours we ensure to support local communities as well.  Therefore, we strive to offer trips that enable our customers to engage with the local community.  This is something which our customers truly enjoy as it gives them the opportunity to learn more about local customs and culture.  We also support local businesses when providing services such as transport, locally sourced food, village homestays, as well as treks.


We want to stop waste:
Avoid using plastic bottle & bags


River clean up done through Wildlife Adventure Tours

Our involvement in regular park clean-ups enables us to make a concrete positive difference towards a cleaner environment.

We also constantly follow "reduce, reuse, recycle" principles.  We have installed recycling facilities in all our designated operations.  When waste facilities are not available, especially during our hiking activities, we store our waste until we reach the next waste collection facility.





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