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What We Offer

You can enjoy Chitwan National Park with a number of memorable experiences.  Here's a taster of what we offer: 

Explore how you can experience these trips as part of our great packages

Bird Watching

Bird Watching - Wildlife Adventure Tours
Bird Watching

Chitwan National Park is known as a paradise for birds and bird watchers, whilst in Chitwan valley there are over 600 bird species recorded. It is an area which is very attractive for birds and therefore also for birdwatchers.  In fact, it is one of the most rewarding places on earth to spot and study birds. 

For bird watching we have three options, either on foot, canoeing or by jeep.  By jeep we cover a larger area going through all the three different types of vegetation in the park.  Canoeing on the Rapti river is most suited to spot the array of aquatic birds.  But for the best experience, bird watching is ideally done on foot, where we are least disruptive to the birds and we can watch in wander their natural habits. 

Our bird expert guide will help you identify the different birds which range between resident, summer migrants, winter migrants, passage migrant, and vagrant.  We also have birds ranging from common to very rare, as well as no concern, vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered, and protected birds. 

Jungle Walk

Jungle Walk


A jungle walk in the park is truly breath taking. It is one of the best options to explore Chitwan National park and see the animals.  Although we do not cover a lot of terrain, when we go on foot, we may get the best animal sightings.  Sightings often include one-horn rhinoceros, deer, sloth bear and even the chance to spot the elusive Bengal tiger.


On foot you will be walking at your own pace and you can have access to get into the wild and deep areas of the park.  The more you extend your walk the greater the chances to spot rare wild animals. During the walk you will be accompanied by two Government-certified, English-speaking guides.  We ask our guests to follow the park rules and regulations, respect wildlife as well as follow the instructions of the guides.

Jungle walks range between half day (4 hour) walks and full day (8 hour) walks.  For the best experience we recommend spending more than one day in the jungle, this way you will be increasing the chances of spotting and enjoying the wildlife.

Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari

WAD_Jeep safari.jpg

Jeep safari is one of the safest and fastest way to exploring the very deep and core part of the park. During our Jeep Safari you will be exploring the heart and most wild areas of the park.  We drive through different types of vegetation and spot at sighting of the animals specially like "BIG FIVE" such as, Rhino, Tiger, Gaur, Leopard and Elephant are the major chief attraction of the whole day safari. This trip can be done both in private and combined base. For whole day trip (8 hour) is always private and recommended for better experience with our own company professional and local guide.  Although half day trip (4 hour) is combine base and you have to join with other 10 people in one jeep where the area and chances of seeing animals are limited and the guide will provide from Jeep Company. In this case our Company and management isn’t responsible for any uncomfortable & inconvenience.


Jeep safaris are seasonal, thus the area of the park which is covered depends on the time of the year which you visit.  Months from late February to May are considered to be the best season to visit Chitwan National park.  During this time the jeep covers more than 100 km in a whole day which is much more than we can cover during other months.  Jeep safaris range between half day (4 hour) and full day (8 hours).  For the best experience we recommend spending more than one day in the jungle, this way you will be increasing the chances of spotting and enjoying the rare wildlife.



canoe_ride02 (2).jpg

By joining one of our Canoeing trips, you will be floating down the Rapti River.  Enjoy the easy ride whilst seeing lots of waders.  Crocodiles are also a regular sight, here you will find the Marsh Mugger as well as the endangered species Gharial Crocodiles basking on the riverbank.  Wild animals come frequently to drink water, cross the river or simply bath.


Canoeing is the most easy and relaxing way to spot birds, animals and aquatic creatures. Canoeing trips can last between one hour and three hours and can be done either as a stand alone, as well as combined with other activities such as jungle walks.  One-hour canoeing is usually shared with other groups, whilst two and three hour canoeing trips are private and more recommended for an authentic experience.

Tower Night Stay

Tower Night Stay

Tower Night Stay - Wildlife Adventure Tours

Tower Night Stay is one of the best programmes for spotting wild animals.  In Chitwan, nature lovers will certainly enjoy this unique programme in the deep and peaceful jungle, to view and capture stunning pics of wild animals.  During this tour you will enjoy a candle light dinner and stay all night the at the Night Tower, where you will have the chance to spot nocturnal animals like the tiger, leopard, rhino and many others.  It is the perfect choice for you to escape from the crowd.

Since the park forbids overnight stays inside the park, you will be staying in what is called the buffer zone, but animals are allowed to roam free here as well. We will provide you with a delicious packed dinner and our guide will stay with you.  At night time you might see animals passing and crossing through the river just in front and around the tower. We ask our guests to maintain the silence so that animals are not scared away.  If you want to listen to the sounds of the jungle and watch animals at night, there is no better way than to opt for a Tower Night Stay.

20000 Lake

20,000 Lake Tour

Twenty Thousand Lakes - Wildlife Adventure Tours

Bishazari Tal (20,000 Lake) is a paradise for bird lovers.  It serves as an important bird watching location.  The lakes lie in the buffer zone of Chitwan National Park, so it is located just outside the park boundary.  This means that it does not require a special park permit, although there is a nominal fee of 2 USD per person per day.  You can visit 20,000 lakes by yourself but with the help of a guide you will be able to appreciate wildlife even more. You may travel by bicycle, motorcycle or jeep.  It is an extensive oxbow lake system and a protected area in the inner Terai region, close to Sauraha. The lakes are at the centre of Barandabhar Corridor forest and it links Siwalik Hills to Mahabharat Range leading up to Annapurna region to the north, and Valmikinagar Wildlife Sanctuary (India) to the south.  It is a place where endangered animals like the Bengal tiger, sloth bear, crocodiles, deer and one horned rhinoceros visit frequently.

Madi Village Tour

Madi Village Tour


Madi village is located in a very remote area of Chitwan.  The village is surrounded by wild animals and people live a very primitive lifestyle. The facilities in the village are very basic but they provide a truly unique and authentic experience. It is bordered by Chitwan National park in the north and by India in the south.  It is considered a sacred place for Hindus who believe that Saga Valmiki once inhabited the village of Madi.


This is one of the most beautiful destinations for tourists where you will be staying in an authentic homestay. Madi has a really beautiful location surrounded by forest on all sides.


Chepang Hill Trek


Chepang is the name of one of the indigenous communities of Nepal.  Chepang hill and the surrounding areas are home to this semi-nomadic tribe who live in a culture of rich traditions.  Due to their unique lifestyle and the remoteness of the place they call home, it is one of the marginalised groups of Nepal.


Chepang hill trek leads through the homeland of the Chepang people, and their quaint villages.  The trek is a way for them to generate income.  They also use the trek to raise awareness about their culture amongst both Nepali and foreign visitors. So, your visit makes a difference to the livelihood of the Chepang people. The trek is great to see a number of birds, enjoy the natural attractions as well as the hospitality of this friendly Nepalese tribe.

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